July 06 | 2023

Hello world! From cute-laptop

After over 460 days of not being used - I’ve finally busted out the old X60 Thinkpad again and got it up and running again. The goal of the laptop was a safe place to learn Linux. I never exactly got around to doing that and the laptop has gathered dust for closer to 2-3 years with only the occasional dusting off and sudo pacman -Syu being ran. The laptop has once again been dusted off and to encourage myself to actually go through with learning Linux this time I decided to get my website build system up and running on the laptop.


May 28 | 2021

Keeping up with the (J)one(S).

I’ve recently decided to update my personal website after it has sat without change for nearly three years. In the process I’ve discovered that if you are not constantly on top of keeping the underlying technologies up-to-date that you are almost better off burning everything to the ground and starting from scratch.